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Title: Quiz

Voice: Here are a few questions to test your knowledge of the previous lesson material. These questions are for your self-assessment only and are not recorded. Read each choice carefully, then click on the link to check your answers. At the end of each question is a link to the relevant lesson page for that question. To get back to this quiz page, use your browser back feature (ALT + Left Arrow in IBM’s Home Page Reader). The next and back buttons on each page will only take you sequentially through the lesson pages.

Question 1: The AEF concept embodies the Air Force's vision for meeting the security challenges of the 21st Century. Choose the statement below which BEST describes why the Air Force adopted this concept.

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Relevant lesson page: Basing Changes

Question 2: The AEF concept represents a systematic and organized approach for rapidly presenting forces that are light, lean, and tailored to meet the needs of theater combatant commanders. The AEF concept also…

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Relevant lesson page: AEF Characteristics

Question 3: Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEFs) are the fundamental elements of the AEF concept. They represent a blending of the forces, capabilities, and equipment that can respond rapidly to many contingencies across the full spectrum of operations. The objective of the AEF construct is to…

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Relevant lesson page: AEF Construct

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