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Title: Summary

Action: Screen begins with several planes in flight, one of which is being refueled.

Voice: Today’s Air Force faces a new challenge. The national security strategy of engagement means that we are always the visiting team.

Action: Background changes to the ending graphic from Basing Changes, showing that several of the overseas bases had been closed. When “the AEF concept” is mentioned in the next sentence of the narration, the graphic is removed and the background from AEF Characteristics, the globe and magnifying glass, is faded in.

Voice: The absence of robust overseas basing and the reality of temporary overseas bases have compelled Air Force leaders to adopt a new vision—the AEF concept.

Action: The cover of Air Force Vision 20 20 is flown in from behind the globe into the center of the screen and fades out shortly thereafter.

Voice: The AEF is about embracing and understanding the concepts and implications of engagement and presence as articulated in our current Air Force vision.

Action: The globe fades to the background and, as mentioned in the narration, the first of the following text fades and zooms into the center of the screen. A copy of it zooms closer and fades out. When the copy has faded all of the way out, the original remains on the screen and fades out when the second text is mentioned. The second text then goes through the same process.

vital role of air and space power
frequent employment of air and space power

Voice: The AEF concept reaffirms the vital role of air and space power across the full spectrum of military operations. It is recognition of the growing tendency to employ air and space power frequently and over sustained periods as a part of the national military strategy.

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