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Title: Air Force Distinctive Capabilities

Action: Build a background collage with various Air Force planes, begin with the a B-2, C-141's taxing down the runway, and a c-5 in the air. Next, show two more C-141's flying in formation, as well as picture of an F-15 getting refueled by a KC-135. Finally show pictures of a B-1, and F-15 in the air:

Voice: A particular distinctive capability is not necessarily unique to the Air Force. For example, all of the services perform some type of

Action: Show a picture of a tank getting hit by a missile when "precision engagement" is mentioned, show an EA-6B along with a satellite dish when "information warfare" is mentioned, and show a picture of a tanker trailer being loaded off of a ship when "global mobility" is mentioned in the following narration.

Voice: precision engagement, all engage in information warfare, and the U.S. Navy provides global mobility.

Action: Remove previous picture and show the following quote, also present a link to AFDD-1, the background will also fade to show the original collage.

"What distinguishes the Air Force’s distinctive capabilities from those of the other services are the speed and the global nature of our reach and perspective."

Link to AFDD-1(opens acrobat pdf in new window): AFDD-1 p.27 (35 of 96)

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