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Title: Agile Combat Support

Action: Show a C-141 being loaded and a group of soldiers and equipment waiting on the landing strip.

How we sustain forces is as critical as what forces we deploy

Voice: Agile combat support allows combatant commanders to improve the responsiveness, deployability, and sustainability of their forces. Agile combat support substitutes responsiveness for massive deployed inventories. This reduces the mobility footprint, which frees lift assets and reduces force protection requirements. To realize the goals of agile combat support, the Air Force has vastly improved its information systems and adopted state-of-the-art business practices. The result is total asset visibility and time-definite delivery. A unit can order resupplies and be assured of their time and place of delivery by tracking them from factory to flightline. But agile combat support transcends the traditional logistics arena by ensuring maintainability and supportability issues are addressed during weapon system design. Given that unit combat support can quickly exceed initial deployment requirements, it becomes apparent that how we sustain forces is at least as important as what forces we deploy.

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