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Title: Example: Desert Storm

Action: Show background of F-16's in formation on the bottom and top middle-left of the screen. These planes appear to heading towards a contour map of Bosnia on the right side of the screen, also the following title:

Operation DELIBERATE FORCE, 1995

Voice: Air and space superiority was also an important factor in driving warring parties in the Balkan crisis to peace talks in 1995. During the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina,

Action: Show an image of a man being helped by UN soldiers.

Voice: NATO forces achieved air and space superiority as a means of preserving freedom of action for peacekeeping and humanitarian relief efforts. This operation, called OPERATION DELIBERATE FORCE, also denied freedom of action to belligerent forces.

Action: Show an image of an apartment/office building that has been hit by heavy weaponry.

Voice: However, belligerent Serbs ignored an order by NATO to remove their heavy weapons from the Sarajevo safe areas.

Action: Show an image of a bomb shelter/weapons depot.

Voice: In response, NATO aircraft attacked Serb ammunition depots, heavy artillery, and command and control bunkers. By doing so, NATO peacekeeping forces denied the Serbs freedom of action, stopped their aggressive attacks.

Action: Show a picture of peace treaties being signed, also show the following text block:

Air and Space superiority was a decisive factor in achieving peace

Voice: and drove them toward peace negotiations. These talks eventually led to the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords. In this case, air and space superiority was a driving and decisive factor in achieving peace.

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