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Title: Example: Deliberate Force

Action: Begin with background showing a U-2, and predator along with images from war in Bosnia.

Voice: Information superiority likewise contributed significantly to convincing belligerents in Bosnia to negotiate and conclude the Dayton Accords.

Action: Show the following title across the screen also show the E-8 J-star, U-2, UAV, and reconnaissance satellites as each is mentioned in the narration:


Voice: During OPERATION DELIBERATE FORCE, E-8 J-STARS, U-2 aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and reconnaissance satellites monitored ground-to-ground operations.

Action: Clear the graphic of all images, except for the title and add the following bullets as each is mentioned:

Voice: These platforms located and monitored the Serb’s heavy weapons. With this information, NATO airpower enforced a U.N. safe area, which enabled them to protect U.N. forces and civilians, by targeting surface-to-surface threats in the declared “exclusion zones.” NATO airpower stemmed enemy aggression and drove the warring parties to peace negotiations.

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