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Title: Distinctive Capabilities

Action: Show bullet list header and a background collage of ICBM's, F-15's, mobility aircraft, and space technologies to emphasize the distinctive capabilities, also list the bullets as mentioned in the following narration.

Distinctive Capabilities

Action: Show the following pop-up boxes for the underlined sub-bullets above:

Developing Airmen: The heart of capability...The ultimate source of combat capability resides in the men and women of the Air Force. The value of strategy, technology, and organization are diminished without professional airmen to leverage their attributes. The Total Force of Active, Guard, Reserve, and Civilian personnel is the Air Force’s largest investment and most critical asset.

Technology-to-Warfighting: The tools of combat capability... The Air Force is commited to innovation to guide research, development, and fielding of unsurpassed capabilities. Just as the advent of powered flight revolutionized joint warfighting, recent advances in low observable technologies, space-based systems, manipulation of information, precision and small, smart weapons offer no less dramatic advantages for combatant commanders.

Integrating Operations: Maximizing combat capabilities...Effectively integrating the diverse capabilities found in all four service branches remains pivotal to successful joint warfighting. Innovative operational concepts and the efficient integration of all military systems—air, land, maritime, space, and information—ensures maximum flexibility in the delivery of desired effects across the spectrum of conflict. The Air Force contributes to this enduring objective as each element of air and space power brings unique and essential capabilities to the joint force.

Voice: The distinctive capabilities spring directly from the Air Force’s core competencies. They are those vital areas of expertise the Air Force brings to any military operation or activity. Distinctive capabilities represent a combination of professional knowledge, air and space power expertise, and technological know-how that, when applied, produces superior military capability. Distinctive capabilities are at the heart of the Air Force’s strategic perspective and thus, represent the Air Force’s contribution to our nation’s joint warfighting team. When combined, the distinctive capabilities produce a flexibility that is the foundation for the employment of air and space power. This flexibility allows the Air Force to rapidly concentrate anywhere and attack any target or set of targets. Distinctive capabilities are the basic areas of expertise that the Air Force brings to activities across the range of military operations, either as a single service or in conjunction with the distinctive capabilities of other services.

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