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Title: Precision Engagement

Action: Begin with the following title showing, and then add a tank in the crosshairs to the top left, a weapon about to hit a tank to the bootm left, a target exploding to top right, an E-8 reconnaissance aircraft to bottom right, and a F-16 taking off/landing in the center, these images will build a s acollage as the following list is shown below the title:

Enables Air and Space Forces to:
Locate a Target
Apply selective force
Access level of success
Provide command and control
Retain ability to reengage

Voice: Precision engagement enables U.S. Forces to locate a target, apply selective force, assess the level of success, provide responsive command and control, and retain the ability to re-engage when required. Precision engagement is what makes parallel attack decisively effective.

Action: Show a link to AFDD-1, and present the following text blocks stacked vertically with an arrow linking the two when mentioned in the following narration.

Affords the Ability to:
Command, Control, and Employ Forces

To Cause:
Strategic, Operational, or Tactical Effects

Voice: For more information on parallel attack refer to AFDD One. Precision engagement also affords the ability to command, control, and employ forces to cause discriminate strategic, operational, or tactical effects.

Link to AFDD-1(opens acrobat pdf in new window): AFDD-1 p.30(38 of 96)

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