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Title: Evolution of Precision Engagement

Action: Begin with collage of the theorists: Mitchell, Douhet, and Trenchard, with an image of ground troops as well as aircraft in the background:

Voice: Years ago, early proponents of air power, such as Billy Mitchell and Giulio Douhet, saw the potential of air power; however, at that time, technology was unable to fulfill the vision of a dominant force in the air.

Action: Hide the previous background and present an of bombers dropping their munitions, as well as a birds-eye view of bombs being released from the bomb bay.

Voice: As technology improved, precision capability increased and the probability of error decreased. There has been a dramatic change in precision bombing over the past 50 years.

Action: Finally show pre and post strike surgical bombing raids, with damage to select targets.

Voice: The ability to precisely hit a target to create a desired military effect, while minimizing civilian causalities, has made air and space power the “scalpel” of joint operations.

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