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Title: Global Attack

Action: Begin with a background of B-2's and a F-117 nealy faded away, then show an image of an ICBM, a B-1, a F-16, and a KC-135. As their roles in the Air Force is mentioned in the following narration. Also, show the following text when it is spoken by the narrator:

Air and space forces are ideally suited for employing global attack strategies

Voice: The Air Force, with its growing space forces, intercontinenta ballistic missiles, fleet of multi-role bombers, and attack aircraft supported by a large tanker fleet is ideally suited for conducting global attack. Our service is able to rapidly project power over global distances and maintain a virtually indefinite "presence” over an adversary. When combined with our inherently strategic perspective, Air Force operations can be the first and potentially most decisive factor in demonstrating the Nation’s will to counter an adversary’s aggression.

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