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Title: Information Superiority

Action: Begin with a blank background, add an image of a blimp from the WWI era when WWI is mentioned:

Voice: Information superiority was the first function performed by airpower assets. In World War One, balloons were used as spotters for army commanders who wanted information about an adversary. Today, the Air Force is the major

Action: Replace the blimp with a picture of the AWACS to the upper left, then add a Predator to the upper right of the screen, and add an image of a U-2 to the bottom right. Also add the following text to the screen when "...response to the...":

Voice: operator of sophisticated air and space-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and is able to rapidly respond to the information they provide. For example, information superiority enabled the U.S. to make a timely response to the October 1994 Iraqi force build-up that threatened Kuwait, thus possibly preventing a second invasion of that country.

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