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Title: Information Superiority

Action: Begin with a background collage containing an RC-135 to the upper left, satellite dishes directly to the right, a satellite to the bottom left, and an airbase to screen right, as well as show INFORMATION written vertically, also add the following text over each graphic in order they are mentioned above:


Voice: The third distinctive capability, information superiority, is the ability to; [2] collect, control, exploit, and defend information while denying an adversary the ability to do the same.

Action: Show the following bullet list as they are mentioned in the narration:

Voice: It also includes gaining control over the information realm and fully exploiting military information functions. The capabilities offered by information superiority provide military commanders an integrated and interactive picture of the entire battlespace. Information superiority efforts include attempts to develop the ability to consistently react to a situation and make correct decisions more rapidly than the enemy.

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