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Title: Example: Enduring Freedom

Action: Show a collage of a C-130 dropping of cargo while flying over the open desert, along with a C-17, and a C-141 being backloaded with troops.

Voice: The United States’ ability to prosecute combat actions during Operation ENDURING FREEDOM depended on rapid global mobility.

Action: Fade a map of the middle east with Afghanistan hi-lighted.

Voice: Due to the location of Afghanistan, airlift assets provided all of the logistical support in the early phases of the operation.

Action: Present a run chart that graphically represents the number of airlifts made from various bases between 02-October and 30-October.

Voice: This was an enormous undertaking and one of the first times that a combat operation of this size was solely supported by airlift forces. U.S. forces overseas have been significantly reduced in number since the Cold War, while rapid power projection has become an essential component of our military strategy. As a result, the distinctive capability of rapid global mobility has increased in importance to where it is now required in virtually every military operation.

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