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Title: Summary

Action: Begin with a collage of F-22, C-141, B-2, satellite, and a globe with watermark images of a lady working with electronics.

Voice: The Air Force’s six distinctive capabilities provide our national leaders with tremendous flexibility, global situational awareness, and the ability to rapidly deploy decisive combat power to any spot on the globe.

Action: Present the following graphics as each distinctive capability is mentioned in the following narrative they will appear clockwise from the top left corner. The pictures begin with F-16's flying towards a destoyed building in Bosnia for Air & Space Superiority; a bomb shelter/depot with hole in the roof reading Precisison Engagement; a computer and radar bank with the text Information Superiority; a collage of B-2's, overlaid by a F-16 firing a missile, and a B-1 dropping it's bombs; a collage of cargo planes reading Rapid Global Mobility, and a collage showing different mobility images with the text Agile Combat Support.

Voice: Air and space superiority, precision engagement, information superiority, global attack, rapid global mobility, and agile combat support are the capabilities that will shape the future force structure. It is imperative that airmen have a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the Air Force distinctive capabilities in order to maximize the full potential of air and space power in achieving national objectives.

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