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Title: Command Arrangements

Voice: This quote of General Kenney’s initial assessment of command arrangements during World War Two could also be applied to the command arrangements in Vietnam. In World War Two, the command structure neglected to establish centralized command and control of airpower, until General Kenney took steps to rectify the situation. During the Vietnam War, command of U.S. airpower was fragmented and controlled by multiple commanders, a partial list of which appears here. During this conflict, at one time or another, there were at least seven different air wars in progress. This division of airpower contradicted the early foundational principle of centralized command and control that was stressed by the Air Corps Tactical School and other airpower theorists. Airpower was not employed in an integrated fashion. The diffusion of airpower resources made it nearly impossible to obtain a concentrated airpower effort.

Action: Screen begins with a picture of General George Kenney on right side of screen and his quote on the left side of the screen as follows:

It turned out to be another scrambled outfit.... With so many lines of responsibility, control, and coordination that it resembled a can of worms as you looked at it....

Action: The picture and quote are replaced with the following text one-third of the way through the narration:

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