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Title: Operation EAGLE CLAW

Voice: In 1980, President Carter authorized OPERATION EAGLE CLAW, a joint military service operation, to rescue hostages at the American embassy in Iran. The plan called for resources from all four services, including Air Force C-130 and C-141 aircraft, Navy helicopters, and Army Delta Force Rangers. The mission was overly complex and lacked an overarching organizational structure to assume command and control of operational forces. These factors, coupled with a lack of planning and other operational mishaps encountered during the employment phase, led to the mission being aborted at the initial landing site that was designated as “DESERT ONE.” The Air Force was doctrinally unprepared to enter into the complicated joint and conventional operations posed by OPERATION EAGLE CLAW. The failed operation raised serious doubts regarding the ability of the Air Force and the other services to effectively integrate as a joint team.

Action: Screen begins with a graphic of a map of Iran indicating Desert One, the landing site for Operation EAGLE CLAW, as the background. The following bullets are shown as mentioned in the narration:

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