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Title: Operation URGENT FURY

Voice: OPERATION URGENT FURY, a U.S. military effort to rescue and evacuate endangered citizens on the Caribbean Island of Grenada, happened three years after OPERATION EAGLE CLAW. The Air Force found itself engaged in another joint service operation for which it was doctrinally unprepared. Although the joint task force was ultimately successful in securing the island, there were major operational problems in the integration of air and ground forces. In retrospect, it appeared that some of the same problems of command, control, communications, and intelligence that plagued the Iranian hostage rescue attempt, also surfaced in Grenada. Specifically, service doctrine did not address the areas of joint operability. As a result of the outcome of the operations in Iran and Grenada, military doctrine writers faced the task of addressing the problems associated with organizing and employing military forces under a joint command.

Action: Screen begins with a faded collage of a B-52, parachuters, and helicopters in the background. The following bullets are shown as mentioned in the narration, with the last bullet appearing just before the end of the narration:

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