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Title: WWII—Europe

Voice: The Second World War was the proving ground for airpower. The doctrine developed at the Air Corps Tactical School received its baptism by fire in the skies over Germany. The combined bomber offensive by the U.S. and British against Germany was an essential part of winning the war. The success of the bombing solidified the strategic bombing concept in the minds of airpower proponents as being the decisive factor in warfare. Other airpower missions, such as close air support and interdiction, remained tied to supporting surface forces.

Action: Screen begins with the following sentence shown high, center screen:

World War II became the proving ground for the employment of strategic air power doctrine

Action: One-fourth of the way throught the narration, a picture of B-17s is shown left, middle screen. Midway through the narration, a picture of more B-17s is shown on screen right. Two-thirds through the narration, a picture of Gen Carl Spaatz is shown center screen, overlapping other pictures. Three-fourths of the way through the narration, a picture of a bombed city overlaps second B-17 picture on screen lower right.

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