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Title: AWPD-1 Objectives

Action: The screen begins with bombers flying over farmland screen left. Explosions can be seen on the ground. Show the following bullet list screen right:

Primary Objectives

Voice: The primary objectives of AWPD-1 were disruption of Germany’s electric power and transportation systems, destruction of Germany’s oil and petroleum resources, and undermining of enemy morale by air attack against enemy civilian concentrations.

Action: Replace text with picture of explosion on an airfield, with an airplane attacking, screen right. Replace the previous picture with the following bulleted list, screen left:

Intermediate Objectives

Voice: Intermediate objectives considered essential to the principal effort required neutralization of German Air Forces through attacks against bases, aircraft factories, and aluminum and magnesium factories.

Action: Present a picture of a German submarine under attack screen right, along with the following bulleted text screen left:

3rd-Level Objectives

Voice: Finally, third-level air action focused on safeguarding friendly air bases in England through attacks against submarine bases, surface ships, and invasion ports. Clearly, the plan incorporated force protection and defeat of the enemy air force (or air superiority) as necessary actions to ensure success of the primary mission. As we know, these fundamental doctrinal principles are still contained in our current doctrine.

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