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Title: Response to AWPD-1

Action: Begin the screen with an image of troops storming the beach, running from their amphibious assault vehicles in World War II, show the following quote above the image when mentioned in the narration:

“...only land armies can finally win wars.”
War Department Joint Army-Navy Board, 1941

Voice: In response to AWPD-1, the War Department’s joint Army-Navy board stated that “only land armies can finally win wars.”

Action: Show the following bullet list as each one is mentioned in the narration:

But, before the land campaign, air forces should:

Voice: However, the board still felt that prior to undertaking any land campaign against Germany, air forces should have accomplished overwhelming air superiority, rendered enemy economic and industrial life ineffective, weakened the combat effectiveness of enemy fielded forces, and undermined the civilian morale. In other words, while not endorsing the idea of victory through airpower, the board seemed to support the overall concepts in the plan as a means of achieving victory through ground forces.

Action: Present a picture of a-bombs being dropped from a plane at screen left, as seen from the bomb bay of the plane:

Voice: While subsequent plans changed targeting priorities and made other adjustments, the basic doctrinal and conceptual foundations outlined in AWPD-1 remained in place for the duration of the war in Europe.

Action: Present the following text to the right of the previous image:


Voice: AWPD-1 unquestionably represented a major conceptual milestone in the pursuit of the air force idea—that is, an independent service with an independent mission.

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