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Title: Field Manual 100-20 Concepts

Action: Begin screen with an image that shows troops jumping from planes, the sky is full of parachutes, and airplanes. Also, present the following header across the top of the screen:

Doctrinal Advances of FM 100-20

Voice: FM 100-20 captured many of the ideas that early air power enthusiasts, including those at the Air Corps Tactical School, had so diligently fought for. First and foremost, the manual declared that…

Action: Show the following quote:

“Land power and air power are co-equal….”

Voice: …“land power and air power are co-equal and interdependent forces; neither is an auxiliary of the other….”

Action: Present a picture of fighter escorts for the bombers, as well as the following quote low on screen as it is mentioned in the following narrative:

“…gaining of air superiority is the first requirement for the success of any major land operation….”

Voice: It went on to say that, “…the gaining of air superiority is the first requirement for the success of any major land operation….” In other words, air forces should be used primarily against the enemy’s air forces until air superiority is gained. The manual further established the strategic, tactical, and air defense roles as the primary functional missions of air forces.

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