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Title: Doctrine Evolves

Action: Begin with a picture of a B-29 and the following header:

Key Doctrinal Concepts Evolved

Voice: By the time World War Two ended, a number of key doctrinal concepts concerning airpower were firmly in place.

Action: Insert a picture of an exploding nuke behind the B-29 and the first of the previous bullet points.

Voice: First, the importance of strategic bombardment was clearly established and the development of nuclear weapons gave it a new and unquestioned level of importance.

Action: Replace picture with one of tactical aircraft, and add second bullet.

Voice: Second, the necessities of defeating enemy air forces throughout the theater and the establishment of air superiority to allow freedom of action for friendly forces while denying the same to the enemy were firmly entrenched.

Action: Replace picture with one of MacArthur and Kenney talking, and add third bullet.

Voice: Third, the need for centralized control of theater air forces in order to increase flexibility, establish priorities, and maximize impact throughout the theater was an accepted principle.

Action: Add fourth bullet.

Voice: Finally, the key notion that airpower should be applied in an integrated whole rather than as individual parts was established.

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