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Title: Roles for GHQ Air Force

Action: The screen begins with a profile of a B18, and a bullet list is presented as each is mentioned in support of the following narration:

Voice: After GHQ Air Force was created, it remained to be seen exactly what its role would be. The Army General Staff circulated a paper that divided air operations into four categories: beyond the sphere of ground forces, immediate support of ground forces, defense of seacoasts, and defense of rear areas. Of the objectives included in the “beyond the sphere of ground forces” category,

Action: Present a blue shadow box which is projected from the first bullet in the aforementioned list like a searchlight, which will serve as the backdrop for the following sub-bullet list:

Voice: the enemy air force ranked first. Other objectives within this category included hostile communications, munitions storage and factories, power plants and other utilities, and troop concentrations.

Action: Hide the previous box and text. When “approach to battle” is mentioned replace it with one over the second bullet, along with the following text inside:

Voice: Operations within the “immediate support of ground forces” category were divided into two phases: the “approach to battle” which included operations that we now call interdiction, and the “battle itself” which included operations which we today call close air support.

Action: Hide the previous box and text. To show only the original bullet list along with the B18:

Voice:Not surprisingly, support for the concepts outlined in the General Staff paper were mixed.

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