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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Strategic Bombardment | Pursuit Aviation | Air Corps Tactical School | Airpower Debates | Ascension of Bombardment | GHQ Air Force | GHQ Air Force Organization | Roles for GHQ Air Force | Response to Roles Proposal | GHQ Air Force—Pros & Cons | GHQ Air Force Stimulates Doctrine | Planning for War | AWPD-1 | AWPD-1 Objectives | Response to AWPD-1 | Field Manual 100-20 | FM 100-20 Concepts | FM 100-20 Centralized Control | Impact of FM 100-20 | Airpower Evolution | Increasing Autonomy | Doctrine Evolves | USAF as Separate Service | Summary | Quiz ]

Title: Introduction

Action: Begin by fading in a picture of the Air Corps Tactical school. Next, fadein the picture of of Field Manual 100-20, followed by a bi-plane, along with a picture of the founders.

Voice: Building and expanding upon the theories of the early air power theorists, this lesson will examine the foundations of air power doctrine as debated and promulgated from the early years of flight through the establishment of the Air Force as a separate service in 1947.

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