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Title: Quiz

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Question 1: While the concept of strategic bombardment embodied ideas espoused by early air power advocates, in the years immediately following WWI pursuit aviation was hailed as the primary mission of the air service. Choose the statement below which BEST describes the factors which influenced the development of the strategic bombardment campaign of WWII?

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Question 2: When the US entered WW II airpower was under the command of land formation commanders. Air commanders quickly learned that this arrangement offered little flexibility in employing airpower to achieve theater objectives. Publication of FM 100-20, Command and Employment of Air Power, was an important milestone in the evolution of doctrine regarding the utilization of airpower because the manual…

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Question 3: Although the first aircraft entered the military inventory in 1907, it was 40 years before an independent air force was created. Years of wartime experience led military leaders to recognize that…

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