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Title: Summary

Action: Begin with a collage of all the early air power theorists discussed in this lesson, fade out and replace with a picture of a WWI era bi-plane, fade out to show the cover of FM-120, followed by an image of a squadron of bi-planes. This image will then fade into a collage showing how the air and land battlefields are integrated, fade into an image of bomber that was shot down, illustrate the lessons learned by showing a F-15 escorting the B-1, fade to the picture of Symington and Spaatz, and then fade back to the collage of the theorists shown initially on this page, which will be followed by an F-22 highlighted backdropped by a sunset and the USAF logo fades in to end the summary.

Voice: Much has happened since the early air power theorists first articulated their ideas on how the airplane changed warfare. Today, we continue to refine and expand upon our doctrinal base. Nevertheless, the ideas and concepts that were so diligently pursued in the years after World War One and the lessons learned during World War Two laid a firm foundation for today’s air and space doctrine. Though perhaps changed within the context of new technologies, most of today’s fundamental doctrinal principles were in place by the time the U.S. Air Force was created in 1947. Those principles had their genesis in the early theorists, matured through the war years, and guide our air and space forces today.

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