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Title: Course Introduction

Action: Music is playing. Screen begins with a fighter plane flying in space, towards the image of Earth as seen from space. The following quotes are shown across the screen, overlaying the globe:

global vigilance to anticipate and deter threats,
…strategic reach to curb crises
…and overwhelming power to prevail in conflicts and win America’s wars.

Action: The text morphs into the Air Force logo and the title, The Air & Space Power Course, is shown above the logo. The music ends as the narrator begins to speak.

Voice: Welcome to the Air and Space Power Course. This course is designed to prepare you to responsibly articulate and advocate air and space power in the joint warfighting arena. This course provides a basic understanding of how the principles and concepts of airpower doctrine evolved over the years and how this doctrine has remained sound and enduring guidance over many years of political and technological change.

Action: Text and logo fade out and the following text fades in overlaying the globe as mentioned in the narration:

Voice: It begins by examining the historical foundations of airpower doctrine, as debated and promulgated from the early years of flight up to modern times. Next, the course discusses current doctrine as contained in Air Force and joint doctrine documents. Additionally, the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps views on air and space power are presented. Finally, the course examines the role of air and space power in the joint operational environment, as well as unresolved issues concerning the proper employment of air and space power. Hopefully, you'll find the Air and Space Power Course both interesting and informative, and it will help you to advocate the proper use of air and space power in pursuit of joint and national objectives.

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