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Title: Summary

Action: In the background is a collage of images representing airpower in all of the joint services.

Voice: In reality, the individual service views on these issues probably lie somewhere between the extremes presented. Since specific doctrinal issues change often and are constantly evolving, they will not be discussed here.

Action: The Air Force Doctrine Center shield is shown high center screen, along with a link to its web page.

Voice: The Air Force Doctrine Center’s web site contains a wealth of information on the various joint doctrinal issues involving the application of air and space power. The “Applications” section of the web site contains information on doctrinal issues and initiatives, while the “Doctrine Watch” section contains short articles on a variety of air and space doctrine concepts.

Action: The following header and text is shown center screen, below the shield and link:

Differing service perspectives on air and space power center on fundamental questions regarding the…

Voice: As you explore the current joint issues on the Air Force Doctrine Center’s web site and elsewhere, keeping these fundamental issues in mind will help you understand the differing perspectives and positions the various services take on specific issues involving air and space power. While the multiple perspectives on issues involving the proper employment of air and space power in support of our national goals and objectives are varied and often quite complicated, the basic foundations of those ideas are far less complicated.

Link to Air Force Doctrine Center (opens page in new window): Air Force Doctrine Center

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