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Title: Air & Space Expeditionary Forces

Action: Begin with a background that shows a force that contains many different aircraft illustrating how airpower can respond to any situation, also presen the buleted text below as mentioned in the following naration:

Voice: The Air and Space Expeditionary Force or AEF concept is an organizational structure composed of force packages of capabilities that provide warfighting combatant commanders with rapid and responsive air and space power. The AEF concept utilizes 10 individual force packages and are designated AEFs one through ten. The ten AEFs together with their support and command and control elements are tailored to meet specific combatant commanders’ requirements across the spectrum of response options. An AEF, by itself, is not a deployable or employable entity. Rather, AEFs deploy within an AETF as air and space expeditionary wings, groups, or squadrons. An air and space expeditionary wing, or AEW, consists of a command element plus operations, medical, logistics, and support groups. An air and space expeditionary group, or AEG, is the lowest command element below the COMAFFOR. An AEG is comprised of a command element along with several squadrons. The overall expeditionary concept is based on the premise that a rapid and effective military response is key to deterring or containing a conflict, seizing the initiative, and enabling follow-on response options.

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