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Title: Air & Space Expeditionary Task Force

Action: Begin with the graphic from previous page, when the Air Force component is mentioned fade the chart except the Air Force Component(AFFOR). Show the following title:

Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force (AETF)

Voice: Let’s look at the organization and leadership of the Air Force service component of a joint force. The Air Force component of a joint operation is called an Air and Space Expeditionary Task Force or AETF.

Action: Present the following bullet list as each is mentioned in support of the narration:

Voice: Normally, it encompasses ALL Air Force forces which are part of the joint operation. Those forces represent a task-organized, mission-tailored package of air and space forces that exists for the duration of the joint force’s mission. Whenever an AETF is established, its commander is called the Commander of Air Force Forces or COMAFFOR. The COMAFFOR serves as the single point of contact for the JFC and provides a clear chain of command for assigned or attached Air Force forces. An AETF can range anywhere in size from a single wing all the way up to a four star level MAJCOM.

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