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Title: COMMAFOR-Key Concepts

Action: Show the following bullets, pop-up text boxes, and links as they are mentioned in the following narration:

Action: Pop-up boxes for the underlined text:

Action: Links to the relevant publications:

Link to Jt Pub 3-0(opens acrobat pdf in new window): Command Relationships JtPub 3-0 (link pg II-5 (35 of 182))

Link to AFDD-2(opens acrobat pdf in new window): COMMAFOR Responsibilities AFDD-2 (link pg 51 (65 of 160))

Voice: A COMAFFOR is designated in any joint operation. The COMAFFOR acts as the single Air Force air and space commander for the JFC. The COMAFFOR exercises command through the authorities shown on the screen. If you need to review command authorities and relationships, a link to Joint Pub 3-0 is provided. AFDD-2 spells out the COMAFFORs specified ADCON and, when delegated, OPCON responsibilities. You may view a summary of those by rolling your cursor over them on the screen or linking to AFDD-2 for an expanded description.

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