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Title: Dual Chain of Command

Action: The page begins with a chart for another services dual chain of command that is headed by the Joint Force Commander, who delegates authority to the COMAFFOR, which in turn directs the Air Staff. The other route is from the JFC to the JFACC, and down to the Joint Air Operations Center. The chart is titled:

Dual Chain of Command (JFACC from another service)

Voice: In many joint operations, the JFC will designate a Joint Force Air Component Commander, or JFACC to control all air forces in the joint force. If the JFACC is from another service, the chain of command will split between the service component and functional component. The COMAFFOR will always perform his ADCON responsibilities but the JFC will determine the OPCON and TACON command relationships.

Action: Present another chart that shows the Air Force's dual chain of command, which starts with the JFC and moves to the JFACC/COMAFFOR, and finally down to the Joint Air Operations Center, or the Air Support Center. This chart is titled:

Dual Chain of Command Air Force JFACC

Voice: When the Air Force has the preponderance of air assets in the theater and the ability to control those assets, the COMAFFOR will usually be dual-hatted as the JFACC. For Air Force forces, the functional and service chains of command merge.

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