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Title: Impediments to JFACC Concept

Action: Show the joint pubs, which shows the effort has been made to embrace the JFACC concept, but it is not done. Also, present the following text as mentioned in the narration:

  • Differing service perspectives
  • Implementation procedures sketchy
  • Lack of standardization in Air Force and joint communities
  • Voice: There were many problems, which impacted the development of the JFACC concept in joint publications. The services each had their views on the best way to use air power. These views were primarily based upon individual service perspectives regarding air power. There were a few other factors, which hampered development of the JFACC concept. First, sketchy joint publications lacked details regarding the JFACC concept. Second, there were virtually no universally accepted procedures or techniques for implementing the JFACC concept. There was, and unfortunately still is, a lack of institutionalization both within the joint world as well as in the Air Force itself. Joint doctrine gives each theater JFC a great deal of latitude on how to implement the JFACC concept. Additionally, there is a lack of standardization among the numbered Air Forces within the USAF on how they institute the JFACC concept. Although the Air Force has made some progress regarding standardization in its Numbered Air Forces and Air Operations Centers, work still remains to be done.

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