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Title: Integration of Assets

Action: Begin with a background that contains images from Operation Iraqi Freedom that depict many different segments of airpower to achieve the overall objectives:

Airman's Perspective: Let the JFACC integrate total theater air assets

Alternative Perspective: Other components want to withhold direct air support assets

Joint Perspective: JFC needs to ensure air operations support theater strategy

Voice: The JFACC’s ability to integrate air assets in accomplishing theater objectives is probably the most fundamental issue surrounding the JFACC concept. Joint and service doctrines and agreements give the JFACC control of only part of the total available theater air assets. However, the airman’s perspective holds that theater objectives may be attained through the centralized control and unified employment of all air assets. On the other hand, each of the other services depends on its respective air arm to shape the battlespace as part of its combined arms team. The JFC has to carefully balance the surface commander’s perspective, which is primarily geographic in nature, against the functional or theater-wide perspective of the JFACC. The bottom line is, the JFC has to insure that apportionment decisions support the overall strategy to achieve the campaign objectives.

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