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Action: The page shows a graphic that lays out the chart described in the following narration, and it has the following title:

Actual Example of an AETF Operation Noble Anvil (ONA) Example

Voice: This is an actual example of an AETF from Operation NOBLE ANVIL, which was the US joint force operation complementing NATO’s Operation ALLIED FORCE during the air war over Serbia. The COMAFFOR exercises authority through two separate branches of command. The warfighting branch flows from the Secretary of Defense through the European Command commander down to the commander of Joint Task Force NOBLE ANVIL. The COMAFFOR derives his operational control or OPCON authority from the joint task force commander in order to accomplish assigned missions. With regard to the other chain of command, administrative control or ADCON flows from the Chief of Staff of the Air Force to the USAFE commander to the 16th Air Force commander who was the COMAFFOR for Operation Noble Anvil. The COMAFFOR takes operational orders from the JFC, but must also respond to the senior Air Force commander through the ADCON chain of command.

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