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Title: Organization of Joint Forces

Action: Present a graphic that shows the organization of joint forces. The chart is headed by the Joint Force Commander, then a component from each of the four services. Below this group there is the JFLCC, JFACC, JFSOCC, JFMCC. Present the preceding acronyms as roll-overs which show what each acronym means:

JFLCC: Joint Force Land Component Commander

JFACC: Joint Force Air Component Commander

JFSOCC: Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander

JFMCC: Joint Force Maritime Component Commander

Voice: The nature of modern warfare demands that U.S. forces fight as a joint team. The screen portrays the possible components of a joint operation. It is important to note that the Joint Force Commander, or JFC, is a generic title for the commander of a unified command, a sub-unified command, or for the commander of a joint task force. The JFC chooses the capabilities needed from assigned Army, Air Force, Marine, and Navy forces. The JFC has a great deal of latitude on how to organize his joint forces. He may organize them by Service components as depicted here, or by functional components as displayed on the bottom portion of the diagram. Another option is for the JFC to select a mixture of both service and functional components. During DESERT STORM, Gen Schwarzkopf designated a JFACC but did not name a joint force land component commander.

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