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Lesson Index: [ Introduction | Lesson Objective | Overview | Organization of Joint Forces | Air & Space Expeditionary Task Force | AETF Composition | Air & Space Expeditionary Forces | AETF Command Structure | NOBLE ANVIL AETF | COMAFFOR-Key Concepts | Dual Chain of Command | Evolution of JFACC Concept | JFACC Evolution — Mitchell | JFACC Evolution — Kenney | JFACC Evolution — Momyer | JFACC Evolution — Post-Vietnam | Early JFACC Exercises | Impediments to JFACC Concept | JFACC in Desert Storm | JFACC in Joint Doctrine | Selecting a JFACC | JFACC Authority & Responsibility | Supported/Supporting Commander | Purpose of JFACC | JFACC Command Relationships | JFACC Operations | JFACC Basing Options | Differing Perspectives of JFACC | Integration of Assets | Interdiction and Deep Operations | Theater Air & Missile Defense | Summary | Quiz ]

Title: Overview

Action: The screen begins with an image of a B-52 dropping bombs over a backdrop, with images of a tattered desert to show the strength of the air component. The following text list will be presented as each bullet is mentioned:

Fundamental USAF command and organizational concepts
The Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC) concept

Voice: This lesson is about how the US Air Force goes to war. We’ll begin by looking at how the Air Force organizes itself to command air and space forces during operations. We’ll look at the organization of the air and space expeditionary task force and the role of the Commander of Air Force Forces, or COMAFFOR. The lesson then looks at commanding air forces in joint operations which involves the concept of the Joint Force Air Component Commander, or JFACC. We’ll trace the historical development of the JFACC concept and look at what his current functions are. The JFACC concept continues to evolve so we’ll finish by looking at some of the driving issues surrounding the JFACC concept.

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