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Title: JFACC Authority & Responsibility

Action: Begin with a background image of Gen Moseley, along with the following bullets and rollover links to pop-up boxes:

  • JFACC derives authority from JFC
  • JFACC responsibilities include:
  • JFACC responsibilities include:

    Voice: Once designated, the JFACC derives authority from the JFC. In other words, based upon a particular situation, the JFC decides what level of authority the JFACC will have. Joint doctrine suggests that the JFACCs duties normally include, but are not limited to, planning, coordinating, allocating, and tasking as specified by the JFCs apportionment decision. It is important to remember the following: the JFACC recommends apportionment of air resources to the JFC, but its the JFC who makes the final decision. Ultimately, the person deciding how air power is to be used, in broad terms, is the JFC. Other responsibilities the JFC normally assigns to the JFACC include duties as the Area Air Defense Commander and the Airspace Control Authority. More information about these duties is available by placing your cursor over them.

    Area Air Defense Commander: Within a unified command, subordinate unified command, or joint task force, the commander will assign overall responsibility to a single commander. Normally this will be the component commander with the preponderance of air defense capability and the command, control, and communications capability to plan an execute integrated air defense operations. Representation from other components involved will be provided, as appropriate, to the area air defense commander's headquarters. (Joint Pub 1-02).

    Airspace Control Authority: The commander designated to assume overall responsibility for the operations of the airspace control system in the airspace control area. (Joint Pub 1-02).

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