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Title: Selecting a JFACC

Action: Show pictures planes in formation, show Navy/USMC F-18's flying with Air Force planes like the F-15, and F-16. Also, show the bulleted text as it is mentioned in the narration:

JFACC selection criteria
  • JFCs overall mission and concept of operations
  • Missions and tasks assigned to subordinate commanders
  • Availability of forces
  • Duration and nature of desired joint air operations
  • Degree of unity of command and control
  • Voice: The criteria for designating a JFACC are outlined in the current joint doctrine. The JFC will normally designate a JFACC. The designation is based on the following factors: The JFCs overall mission and concept of operations; The missions and tasks assigned to subordinate commanders; The availability of forces; The duration and nature of desired joint air operations; And the degree of unity of command and control required for the joint air operations. Having considered these factors,

    Action: Remove the previous text and present the following text block:

    JFACC selection criteria
  • Normally service component commander with:
  • Voice: the JFC normally assigns JFACC responsibilities to the component commander who has both the preponderance of air assets and the capability to effectively control and orchestrate air forces at the theater level.

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