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Title: Supported/Supporting Commander

Action: A background of many different planes including mobility, atack, and fighter aircraft to represent a variety of airpower resources:

JFACC is supported commander for:
  • Theater counterair operations
  • Strategic attack
  • Theater reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Overall air interdiction effort.
  • JFACC supporting commander for:
  • Close air support
  • Air interdiction in land and naval AOs
  • Maritime support
  • Voice: The JFACC functions as the supported commander for theater counterair operations, strategic attack, theater reconnaissance and surveillance, and the overall air interdiction effort. As an added note, the JFACC is normally the supported commander for the entire interdiction effort, not just air interdiction. The JFACC further functions as the supporting commander, as directed by the JFC, for operations such as close air support, air interdiction within the land and naval component areas of operation, and maritime support. For more information on supported and supporting relationships, link to Joint Pub oh two.

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