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Title: Theater Air & Missile Defense

Action: Show a collage which depicts images associated with tactical air and missile defense capabilities such as satellites, radar, and ICBM's, along with the following text:

Airman's Perspective: Air and missile threats have theater range; defeating enemy air and missile threats requires theater-level organization, planning, and control

Alternative Perspective: All services primary functions include air and missile defense

Joint Perspective: Unified air and missile defense stems from a single responsible commander in support of the JFC’s campaign (AADC)

Voice: Maximizing the effectiveness of theater air and missile defense assets is a cornerstone of air and space superiority. Airmen maintain that centralized control of theater air and missile defense provides unity of effort, integrates complementary effects of weapon systems, minimizes the possibility of fratricide, and best utilizes limited theater assets. The Area Air Defense Commander, who normally is also the JFACC, needs the authority to integrate all air and missile defense assets. Other services believe that active missile defense is separate from air defense of aircraft and separate from JFACC and Area Air Defense Commander control. They propose a stand-alone command and control architecture for missile defense. Overall, Joint Publication three oh one, Joint Doctrine for Countering Air and Missile threats, gives the authority for integrating air defense forces to the Area Air Defense Commander.

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