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Title: Army—The Purpose

Action: In the background are images representing the Army and its components. Army music is playing in the background. The following selection from Army Field Manual 1 is faded into the bottom of the screen:

The Army’s nonnegotiable contract with the American people is to fight and win our Nation’s wars

Voice: The Army’s non-negotiable contract with America is to fight and win the nation’s wars. Army operations rely heavily on established doctrine.

Action: The text is faded out and the background changes to reflect images of Army training and the conduct of operations as mentioned in the narration.

Voice: To that end, Army doctrine touches all aspects of the Army—from training to the conduct of operations across the spectrum of conflict.

Action: The background changes back to the background from the beginning of this page.

Voice: The fundamental purpose of the Army is to serve the Nation by protecting our enduring national interests and by fulfilling the Army’s national military responsibility.

Action: The following text is faded in along the bottom of the screen:

Purpose of the Army

Organize, equip, and train forces for the conduct of prompt and sustained combat operations on land

Voice: That responsibility, delineated in Title 10 of the United States Code, is to organize, equip, and train forces for the conduct of prompt and sustained combat operations on land.

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