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Title: Carrier Battle Group (CVBG)

Action: Screen opens with the image of a carrier battle group at sea. The mission and header are shown at the top of the screen. The following text is shown under the columns, “Platform” and “Primary Mission.” Links to more detailed descriptions of each ship are provided in the parentheses.

Mission—Gain and maintain battlespace dominance and project power

Carrier Battle Group
1 Carrier (CV/CVN)
Strike warfare
2 Cruisers (CG)
Air warfare (TBMD)
3 Destroyers/Frigates (DD(G)/FFG)
Surface and undersea warfare
2 Attack submarines (SSN)
Surface and undersea warfare
1 Fast Combat Support (AOE)

Voice: Power projection is the attack of targets ashore, amphibious assault operations, and the sea control operations to support them. Power projection extends the range of battlespace dominance over enemy territory. Some of the primary tasks of power projection are strike warfare, attacks and raids, amphibious warfare, maritime prepositioning force, and Naval special warfare. Roll your cursor over each task to learn more about it.

Link to CV/CVN (opens page in new window): Aircraft Carrier (CV/CVN)

Link to CG (opens page in new window): Cruisers (CG/CGN)

Link to DD(G)/FFG (opens page in new window): Destroyer (DDG/DD)

Link to SSN (opens page in new window): Attack Submarine (SSN)

Link to AOE (opens page in new window): Fast Combat Support Ships (AOE)

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