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Title: Evolution of Naval Doctrine

Action: The background is a collage of naval images from the 1900s.

Voice: Since its inception, the Navy has exhibited a distrust of formal written doctrine.

Action: The background is removed. On the left, a picture of Lord Nelson is shown. On the right, the following text is shown:

Admiral Lord Nelson’s Concepts

Voice: Heavily influenced by the likes of Admiral Lord Nelson, the Navy has always relied upon strong individual leaders to use flexibility and initiative to accomplish clearly stated objectives. For years, doctrine consisted primarily of tactical publications.

Action: The background is removed. A picture of the cover of one of the Joint Publications is shown.

Voice: With passage of the Goldwater-Nichols Act in 1986, the end of the Cold War, and the adoption of joint operations as the nation’s overarching military doctrine, the Navy saw the need to publish formal capstone doctrine. The Navy vision as presented in the From the Sea series of publications was a beginning.

Action: The background is removed. Pictures of the covers of all of the Naval Doctrine Publications are shown. Towards the end of the narration, a link to Naval Doctrine Publication 1 is shown.

Voice: In 1994, the Navy began publishing a series of six capstone Navy Doctrine Publications, or NDP’s. The documents were intended to ensure consistency between naval and joint doctrine and to provide standardization for naval operations. It’s notable that NDP-3, Naval Operations, the naval equivalent of AFDD2 or Field Manual 3-0 has yet to be published. For more information on the series, see Naval Doctrine Publication 1, Naval Warfare.

Link to Naval Doctrine Publication 1(opens acrobat pdf in new window): Naval Doctrine Publication 1

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