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Title: The Expeditionary Navy

Action: The background image is of a sailor standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier at sea. Surrounding the aircraft carrier are numerous waves. Water appears to be washing over the deck of the carrier. As mentioned, the following bullet points are shown over the background in support of the narration:

Voice: Naval forces are expeditionary by nature. The primary expeditionary units of the Navy are the carrier battle group and the amphibious ready group. When crisis erupts anywhere in the world, the first question usually asked is, “Where are the carriers?” The second question is usually, “Where are the Marines?” But expeditionary forces need more than carriers and ARGs. Underway Replenishment Groups provide key logistics support to both the CVBGs and ARGs. In addition to national systems, the eyes and ears of expeditionary forces are the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance aircraft. When the situation requires it, the Maritime Prepositioning ships begin to move. If mining is involved, Navy mine warfare assets will move into place. Other forces may also be called upon for uniquely Naval missions such as escort duty and other sea control actions. Let’s look at the capabilities and composition of some of these units.

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