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Title: Introduction

Action: For the duration of the narration, images representing elements of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps fade into the background, making a collage. The first of the following text fades in overlaying the collage:

Voice: Each service has endorsed and supports the concepts of joint service operations.

Action: The second bullet point fades in.

Voice: Each service also has its own traditions, beliefs, and biases regarding the employment of air and space power. Consequently, each service, while supporting and contributing to joint air operations, still maintains a distinct, independent service perspective on air and space power issues. Each service has its own perspective on doctrinal issues that it considers inviolate.

Action: The third bullet point fades in.

Voice: To intelligently articulate Air Force doctrine to members of other services, Air Force members must know and understand the evolution of doctrine in other services. An understanding of the doctrinal issues, perspectives, and supporting rationale of these services will help Airmen understand how and why other branches employ air power as they do. This understanding will enhance operationally effective joint service air and space power employment.

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