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Title: The MAGTF

Action: The background is a collage of images representing the MAGTF. Overlaying it is an organizational chart with “Command Element” at the top and “Ground Combat Element”, “Air Combat Element”, and “Combat Service Support Element” on the second tier.

Voice: The Marines have developed the Marine Air Ground Task Force or MAGTF to implement their doctrine of combined arms maneuver warfare. The MAGTF is scalable in size but retains its basic organization.

Action: The following pop-up boxes are shown as mentioned in the narration:

Command Element

(A picture representing the Command Element is shown on the right)

Ground Combat Element

(Pictures are shown representing the Ground Combat Element)

Air Combat Element

(Pictures representing the Air Combat Element are shown as a background for the text)

Combat Service Support Element

(A picture representing the Combat Service Support Element is shown on the right)

Combat Service Support

Voice: The command element includes the commander as well as the usual staff functions of administration, intelligence, operations, logistics and communications. The ground combat element has the ground forces including infantry, artillery, mechanized and amphibious. The air combat element includes helicopters in both attack and assault support roles, fighters for air defense, deep air support and close air support, as well as support aircraft for refueling, reconnaissance and electronic warfare. The combat service support element provides combat logistics and supply, medical, and maintenance support. The important thing to note is that all of these elements are under a single commander. You can review the pop-ups by placing your cursor over a block in the org chart.

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