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Title: USMC Doctrine

Action: On the right is a picture of the cover of MCDP 1. On the left is the following selection from the foreword of MCDP 1, as shown in USMC—Introduction:

Very simply, this publication describes the philosophy which distinguishes the U.S. Marine Corps. The thoughts contained here are not merely guidance for action in combat but a way of thinking.

Voice: Marines use the MAGTF to fight using a doctrine of combined arms maneuver warfare. Doctrine is usually considered a treatise on the best way of doing something or a philosophy of turning strategies into actions. For Marines it is much more. It’s part of their ethos—that which makes them Marines. It is a way of thinking. As such, it is the basis for harmonious actions and mutual understanding. Marine Corps Doctrine Publication 1, Warfighting, is their capstone doctrine.

Action: The text is removed and the following header and bullet points are shown as they are mentioned in the narration:


Voice: Arranged in four chapters, the first deals with the complex and unpredictable nature of war. Chapter 2 points out that war is primarily an act of policy and the means of war are necessarily shaped by that policy. The last two chapters cover preparing for and conducting war. It’s the last chapter that explains the concepts of maneuver warfare and combined arms used by the Marines.

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