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Title: Power Projection

Action: A collage of pictures appears on the screen as the different tasks are shown. Each picture represents one of the tasks of power projection. The pictures include ships launching missile strikes, scuba divers conducting underwater operations, armored vehicles conducting amphibious operations, and prepositioned ships that are used to store and deliver equipment. The header is showing at screen beginning. Pop-up boxes contain the following text:

Generating high intensity, precise offensive power when and where needed

Primary Tasks
Strike Warfare
The destruction or neutralization of enemy targets by carrier and land-based aircraft; cruise missiles from surface ships and submarines; and naval surface fire.
Attacks and Raids
Small scale offensive operations to demonstrate resolve and the ability to conduct more severe actions.
Amphibious Warfare
The insertion of ground forces from the sea against a hostile or potentially hostile enemy.
Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF)
Use of MPF permits rapid deployment into areas where force introduction ashore has been accomplished.
Naval Special Warfare
Small, mobile, and flexible units conducting special operations under, on, and from the sea.

Voice: Power projection is the attack of targets ashore, amphibious assault operations, and the sea control operations to support them. Power projection extends the range of battlespace dominance over enemy territory. Some of the primary tasks of power projection are strike warfare, attacks and raids, amphibious warfare, maritime prepositioning force, and Naval special warfare. Roll your cursor over each task to learn more about it.

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