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Title: Combined Bomber Offensive (CBO)

Action: In the background is a faded image of an aerial view of the Air Corps Tactical School. The first bullet point of text 1 is shown on the upper left side of the screen:

Text 1

Text 2

CBO—Principles of War:

Voice: As you will recall from previous lessons, ideas about the decisive use of air power were developed at the Air Corps Tactical School at Maxwell Field during the interwar years.

Action: Change background to represent the combined bomber offensive and show second bullet point of text 1.

Voice: The first real test of those ideas came in World War Two during the European combined bomber offensive.

Action: Show third bullet point of text 1.

Voice: The plan, detailed in AWPD 1, called for air attacks against the German war-making infrastructure which included…

Action: As they are mentioned in the narration, pictures are shown on the right side of the screen representing the various systems of the German infrastructure.

Voice: …the electric power system, transportation system, oil and petroleum production facilities, and public morale.

Action: Replace the picture with one representing the combined bomber offensive. Text 2 is shown beneath text 1.

Voice: The concept behind the combined bomber offensive was a solid application of the principles of objective and offensive.

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